Friday, 13 November 2009

Bizarre moment at the by-election count

One of the strangest moments last night at the by-election count was when I was chatting to Tommy Sheridan and we both expressed our relief that the Tories had come third! That was a pretty surreal moment and one I don't expect will be repeated. We'd been passing the time and Tommy was saying how sickened and upset he was that the fascists (the real ones, the BNP) were in 3rd place. I told him the Tories had insisted on a recount and it looked like they were, in fact, third. It was quite funny to see the look of relief on Tommy's face as we said "thank goodness" (or words to that effect) in unison. Of course I'm sure we'd all prefer the BNP got no votes but the irony of Tommy and myself (of all people) almost celebrating a 3rd place for the Conservative & Unionist Party was not lost on either of us!

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