Sunday, 29 November 2009

No pain no gain

I'm beginning to wonder if I actually enjoy adversity. At the precise moment the temperatures plummeted the other night, my boiler broke down. It's baltic in here, I am freezing and I mean FREEZING. I do intend to fix it but this happened to me years ago and the guy came out, flicked a switch to relight the pilot and charged me £40. I can think of better things to do with money so I'm faffing about thinking it'll just "right" itself. Meantime, a little voice is telling me that it'll be GREAT when it's fixed and the sado masochist in me is thinking "no pain, no gain" and maybe it does me no harm to suffer because I'll really notice the difference when I get heating and hot water back. No, I don't understand me either.


  1. Just a quickie Anne;
    I posted another couple of things on the white-paper and stuff on y blog if you'd care to read them (as I'm sure you have oodles of spare time to read random SNP activists half-formed dribblings, not like you'd have a metric ton of paperwork from Parliament and other thingies!!)

    What I actually wanted to say though, once the shameless plug for my blog was done is ask if there was any news on Florence & Precious?
    I rote a very nice e-mail to Phil Woolas, and I notice I've received no reply at all, so at least they treat everyone equally...

  2. I thought this might be of interest.

    RSAMD students are to get a crash course in local Glaswegian culture.

    The BBC article doesn't say if the students have to buy their own crash helmets and shoulder pads or not -

    Students sample football banter
    BBC Scotland
    02 Dec 2009

    More than 150 students from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama are to get a crash course in Glasgow culture - courtesy of Partick Thistle.

    The club has invited the students, some of whom are from overseas, to its game with Dundee at Firhill on Saturday.

    The RSAMD said there was no better place than a Glasgow football match to help students acclimatise to living and working in the city.

    The 152 students will be joined at the game by 10 members of staff.