Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Why Precious can't go to Africa

Update on Precious Mhango and her mum in Dungavel. Have spoken to Florence and she's extremely upset but also exhausted so relatively calm. Precious is complaining of a headache and I can understand that - stress can do that to you as we all know. Ten year olds shouldn't know it though. Florence has told me to do whatever I can to help their case and so I'll be writing to Phil Woolas first thing in the morning and hoping that he'll understand why they simply can't go back. They come from Malawi which is not traditionally thought of as a dangerous country. However there are some dangerous people there as there are everywhere. In Malawi, the child belongs to the father's side of the family and Florence's ex husband's family have made it clear they will be claiming Precious when they find her. Legally Florence won't have a leg to stand on and she will lose her daughter. More importantly this wee girl will lose her mother. There's not much worse can happen but unfortunately, according to Florence, worse does indeed lie in store for her daughter if she is taken away. I will say more later. I need to call some of their friends and update them on things. Keep thinking of them please.

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