Friday, 20 November 2009

In the scheme of things ...

Sometimes it's hard to remember that everyone has a job to do. I found it particularly hard yesterday when I'm worrying myself sick about Florence and Precious Mhango (see trillions of posts below) and I'm getting calls from journalists about the fact that I employ two members of my family. My sister - 16 hrs a week paid, several hours unpaid, totally reliable and committed to helping people. Good thing? I think so. Niece - voluntary work experience for 2 months. Good niece - no complaints about her doing it for nothing. One full time member of staff leaves for another job so niece employed to provide cover whilst I recruit replacement. Length of contract? Around 2 months. Hours? 16 a week. Pay? Minimum wage (for adults, I don't believe in having two rates). Doing what? Providing basic admin cover so that all other staff can deal with increasing casework, thus ensuring constituents, some with quite serious problems, get help asap. Good thing? Again, I think so. Alternative? Agency staff paid a far higher rate with an amount creamed off for the agency. Or nobody and constituents just have to wait.

As I say I know they've a job to do but so have I and I don't take my responsibilities including recruitment, lightly. Moan over. Bigger things to worry about.

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  1. Well said. You stick with your instincts about who you want to work with. Mind you the Righteous will catch up with you so beware.