Friday, 20 November 2009

It's a (bad) man's world!

This is Dungavel. This is where this beautiful little girl (click on link and scroll down for pic) is being detained. Doesn't she look confident and strong? Not today she didn't. Today she looked exactly as she is - a bewildered little girl who doesn't know where she is going, what will happen when she gets there or, more importantly, why the grown ups are sending her somewhere dangerous for her and her mum.

I guess she's also wondering why her daddy is allowed to stay here if she's not. All she remembers of him is that he used to batter her mummy and they had to run away from him and hide. That and the fact that his family have been bullying her grandmother in Malawi making it clear they will claim Precious if she is returned to Malawi.

So the baddie gets to stay here and the little girl and her battered and bruised mother are deported. Flight leaves 19h00 Monday night. Time's running out but we ain't giving up.

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